With the best technology and
various experiences
Leading the construction IT industry

We are striving to grow together with various clients by pursuing change and
innovation in technology platforms through continuous R&D and
introduction of new technologies for web services, H/W services, and BIM services.


2D/BIM based quotation

Estimating through accurate quantity calculation
based on 2D drawings and BIM models

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Const. Labor Attendant Mgmt.

Next-generation artificial intelligence face recognition
terminal and safety CCTV monitoring system

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AEC Solution Provider

DoallTech, A company creating and developing the value of the construction
industry through constant technology innovation

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Doalltech Works

Construction Project Management Responsible until the end with the quality of DoallTech

  • Construction Labor Attendant Management System

    A Terminal applied thermal imaging sensors and Palm Vein authentication and state-of-the-art deep-learning face recognition algorithms, equipped with innovative artificial intelligence (AI) CPU

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  • BIM-Based Quotation

    Drawing review and accurate quantity calculation available, and efficient application for construction workability review available through performing 3D (BIM)-based quantity calculation and quotation task.

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  • Labor Management

    From large-sized construction companies, mid-sized and mid-sized construction companies to small-scale interior companies, it can operate multiple workplaces directly, and all workplaces participating as partners can be integrated managed

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  • Document / Drawing Management

    On-line documents created by the system including approved documents, design, construction, safety, environment and quality are converted into real-time PDFs and managed.

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Construction Labor Attendant Management System

Artificial Intelligence Thermal
Image Face Recognition
A Terminal applied thermal imaging sensors and Palm Vein
certification and state-of-the-art deep-learning face recognition
algorithms, equipped with innovative artificial intelligence (AI) CPU

Product certified by the Construction Workers Mutual Aid Association

Absenteeism & Tardiness Terminal (Gate Type)
Available for the registration of personnel's going and
leaving work through HANARO electronic card and fingerprint
recognition, Available for the real-time check of terminal status and
S/W on-line updates

BIM-based Quantity Calculation & Quotation

In case of the comparison for quantity difference based on 2D and 3D, approximately 5-6% reduction of rebar quantity when calculating 3D-based compared to 2D base
5%~6% Reduction

During the BIM-based quotation task process, it checks errors of drawings, and it minimizes the error and calculates the optimal construction cost compared to the 2D-based quantity calculation by calculating the quantity based on the worked 3D model object.

In case of apartment house, proceeded after linking with the initial details and its model.
Approximately 83% automatic allocation in case of new project.
83% Automatic Allocation

Optimized S/W for 4D and 5D realization, which is a S/W that maximizes task efficiency by minimizing repetitive tasks, extending 6D (maintenance) as well as 4D and 5D based on 3D.

BIM Service

DoallTech has proven cutting-edge technology through the world's tallest skyscraper project.
It proposes accurate BIM data, reviews and suggestions from working group based on actual task experience,
rather than simply performing BIM projects. It also provides task efficiency improvement and light BIM environment as services through
collaboration with the Construction Information R&D Center, which supports library, add-on development and projects.

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